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Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC

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Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC


He was the founder of the modern roller coaster; Anton Schwarzkopf! In 1954, Schwarzkopf started his career in the theme park industry. This was not always easy for Schwarzkopf, but Schwarzkopf's persistence was indisputable. That is why, in 1989, he built the largest and most famous mobile roller coaster in the world: Olympia Looopings with the iconic Schwarzkopf trains!


In collaboration with Brick de Kikker, Themeparkshop.com presents the Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC! Do you want to recreate this iconic roller coaster train from Schwarzkopf soon? Then order the Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC today! Please note: there are only 50 Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC models available, so be quick because GONE = GONE!


  • The Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC contains 301 building blocks.
  • The Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC comes in a special box with an instruction booklet.
  • The Schwarzkopf LEGO MOC is exclusively available at Themeparkshop.com and is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.
  • Not suitable for children under 10 years old.

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