Arrow Train Coaster Cutout

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Arrow Train Coaster Cutout


Arrow Dynamics was arguably the most ambitious roller coaster builder in roller coaster history. Arrow Dynamics has many 'firsts' on their name; Arrow Dynamics built the world's first Log Flume, realized the first modern roller coaster with an inversion and went sky high with the world's first hyper coaster.


Arrow Dynamics's ambition was limitless. However, pride comes before the fall. After the expensive development of the world's first 4th dimension coaster X at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Arrow Dynamics was declared bankrupt in 2002.


Still, Arrow Dynamics goes down in history as the roller coaster supplier who literally turned the market upside down. That is why it is now possible to bring a piece of history into your home with the Arrow Train Coaster Cutout!


The Coaster Cutout is a laser-cut wooden model that can be assembled without the use of glue. Do you have the ambition to rebuild the famous Arrow Dynamics roller coaster train? Then order the Arrow Train Coaster Cutout today!


  • The Arrow Train Coaster Cutout is 24 cm long, 12 cm wide and 17 cm high.
  • NOTE: The Arrow Train Coaster Cutout is not a toy and is not
  • suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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