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Giga Train Coaster Cutout

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Giga Train Coaster Cutout


In the year 2000, the Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Intamin AG presented a new roller coaster model: the Giga Coaster! This model has a minimum height of 90 meters and is therefore related to the Mega Coaster (height between 45 - 90+ meters).


The first Giga Coaster was built in 2000 in Cedar Point and was named 'Millennium Force'. This was followed by the Mega Coaster Expedition GeForce in Holiday Park and Goliath in Walibi Holland!


The Coaster Cutout is a laser-cut wooden model that can be assembled without the use of glue. Do you want to add this unique roller coaster train from Intamin AG to your theme park collection? Then order the Giga Train Coaster Cutout today!


  • The Giga Train Coaster Cutout is 18 cm long, 14 cm wide and 17 cm high.
  • NOTE: The Giga Train Coaster Cutout is not a toy and is not
  • suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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