Bumper Car LEGO MOC

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Bumper Car LEGO MOC


In 1919, the brothers' Max and Harold Stoehrer presented the first type of bumper car under the name 'Dodgem'. This name is a derivation of the English verb 'to dodge' which means not getting hit. Although this first version of the bumper car was almost impossible to steer, it was the beginning of the bumper cars that we still see today at funfairs and theme parks!


In cooperation with Brick de Kikker, Themeparkshop.com presents the Bumper Car LEGO MOC! Are you going to build this fairground classic yourself? Then get the Bumper Car LEGO MOC now!


  • The Bumper Car LEGO MOC contains 140 building blocks.
  • The Bumper Car LEGO MOC is exclusively available at Themeparkshop.com.
  • Not suitable for children under 10 years old.

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